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I am a biomedical engineer, currently working as Associate Professor at the Department of Engineering, University of Palermo, where I teach the courses "Sensors and Biomedical Devices" and "Statistical Analysis of Biomedical Signals"  

My research regards the development of methods for time series analysis and system modeling, with applications to cardiovascular neuroscience, cardiac arrhythmias, brain connectivity and physiological networks. Within these fields, I have authored six book chapters and about 250 publications, receiving more than 6000 citations until now.

I serve as Specialty Chief Editor for the Section Information Theory of the journal Frontiers in Network Physiology

Contact me at: luca . faes @

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  • EMBC 2023 - 45th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine
    and Biology Society
2022 - New Toolbox OIR - a tool for the analysis of High-Order interactions in networks OIR paper - free Open Access from IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

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