Selected Publications

Entropy 2018 award

L Faes, G Mijatovic, Y Antonacci, R Pernice, C Barą, L Sparacino, M Sammartino, A Porta, D Marinazzo, S Stramaglia          

'A new framework for the time- and frequency-domain assessment of high-order interactions in networks of random processes'

IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

2022; 70:5766-5777.

Entropy 2018 award

G Mijatovic, Y Antonacci, T Loncar-Turukalo, L Minati, L Faes          

'An information-theoretic framework to measure the dynamic interaction between neural spike trains'

IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering

2021; 68(12): 3471-3481.

Entropy 2018 award

Y Antonacci, L Astolfi, G Nollo, L Faes          

'Information transfer in linear multivariate processes assessed through penalized regression techniques: validation and application to physiological networks'


2020; 22(7), 732.

Entropy 2018 award

TW Boonstra, L Faes, JN Kerkman, D Marinazzo          

'Information decomposition of multichannel EMG to map functional interactions in the distributed motor system'


2019; 202:116093.


Entropy 2018 award

M Valente, M Javorka, G Nollo, A Porta, L Faes          

'Univariate and multivariate conditional entropy measures for the characterization of short-term cardiovascular complexity under physiological stress'

Physiological Measurement , 2018; 39:014002.

Special issue on Network Physiology


Entropy 2018 award

L Faes, D Marinazzo S Stramaglia,           

'Multiscale Information Decomposition: Exact Computation for Multivariate Gaussian Processes'

Entropy , 2017; 19(8): 408.

Paper awarded with the Entropy 2018 Best Paper Award,
Entropy , 2019; 21(2): 130


PRE 2011

L Faes, S Stramaglia, G Nollo, D Marinazzo

'Multiscale Granger Causality'

Physical Review E

2017; 96:042150.


Book Chapter CRC Press 2014

A Porta, L Faes

'Wiener–Granger Causality in Network Physiology With Applications to Cardiovascular Control and Neuroscience'

Proceedings of the IEEE

2016; 104(2):282-309

Review paper in the special issue on Biomedical Signal Processing


Book Chapter CRC Press 2014

L Faes, D Marinazzo, F Jurysta, G Nollo

'Linear and non-linear brain-heart and brain-brain interactions during sleep'

Physiological Measurement, focus issue: 8th Conference of the European Study Group on Cardiovascular Oscillations, ESGCO 2014 (Fai della Paganella, Trento, Italy, 25-28 May, 2014)


Special issue guest-edited with A. Porta and G. Nollo

Book Chapter CRC Press 2014

L Faes, 'Assessing connectivity in the presence of instantaneous causality'

in Methods in Brain Connectivity Inference through Multivariate Time Series Analysis

L Baccalą, K Sameshima (eds)

CRC press, Taylor and Francis; 2014, pp. 87-112.

ISBN: 9781439845721

Book Chapter CRC Press 2014

L Faes, A Porta

'Conditional entropy-based evaluation of information dynamics in physiological systems'

in Directed Information Measures in Neuroscience

R Vicente, M Wibral, J Lizier (eds)

Springer-Verlag; 2014, pp. 61-86;

ISBN: 978-3-642-54473-6;

Special Issue PTRSA 2013

L Faes, S Erla, A Porta, G Nollo

'A framework for assessing frequency domain causality in physiological time series with instantaneous effects'

Philosophical Transactions A, special issue on “Causality in Brain Dynamics and Cardiovascular Control

2013;371:20110618 (21 pages).

Special issue guest-edited with A. Porta

Book Chapter CRC Press 2014

L Faes, S Erla, G Nollo

'Measuring connectivity in linear multivariate processes: definitions, interpretation and practical analysis'

Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, special issue on “Methodological Advances in Brain Connectivity

2012; 140513:18 pages.

Special issue guest-edited with D. Kugiumtzis, R. G. Andrzejak and M. Ding

PRE 2011

L Faes, G Nollo, A Porta

'Information-based detection of nonlinear Granger causality in multivariate processes via a nonuniform embedding technique'

Physical Review E; 2011; 83(5 Pt 1):051112.

Biol Cyb 2010

L Faes, G Nollo

'Extended causal modeling to assess Partial Directed Coherence in multiple time series with significant instantaneous interactions'

Biological Cybernetics 2010; 103:387-400.


L Faes, Ki H Chon, G Nollo

'A method for the time-varying nonlinear prediction of complex nonstationary biomedical signals'

IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 2009;56(2):205-209.

AnnalsBME 2008

L Faes, G Nollo, K H Chon

'Assessment of Granger causality by nonlinear model identification: application to short-term cardiovascular variability'

Annals of Biomedical Engineering 2008;36(3):381-395.

Percept Phychophys 2007

L Faes, G Nollo, F Ravelli, L Ricci, M Vescovi, M Turatto, F Pavani, R Antolini

'Small-sample characterization of stochastic approximation staircases in forced-choice adaptive threshold estimation'

Perception & Psychophysics 2007;69(2):254-262.


L Faes, L Widesott, M Del Greco, R Antolini, G Nollo

'Causal cross-spectral analysis of heart rate and blood pressure variability for describing the impairment of the cardiovascular control in neurally mediated syncope'

IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 2006;53:65-73.

AJP-Heart 2005

G Nollo, L Faes, A Porta, R Antolini, F Ravelli

'Exploring directionality in spontaneous heart period and systolic pressure variability interactions in humans. Implications in the evaluation of the baroreflex gain'

American Journal of Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology 2005;288(4):H1777-H1785.


L Faes, GD Pinna, A Porta, R Maestri, G Nollo

'Surrogate data analysis for assessing the significance of the coherence function'

IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 2004;51(7):1156-1166.

PhD Thesis 2003

L Faes

'Evaluation of the organization of human atrial fibrillation. Morphology-based approach'

PhD Thesis in Electronic Devices; Supervisor: G Nollo.

University of Trento, 03/02/2003.


L Faes, G Nollo, R Antolini, F Gaita, F Ravelli

'A method for quantifying atrial fibrillation organization based on wave morphology similarity'

IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 2002;49:1504-1513.

MBEC 2002

L Faes, G Nollo, M Kirchner, E Olivetti, F Gaita, R Riccardi, R Antolini

'Principal component analysis and cluster analysis for measuring the local organisation of human atrial fibrillation'

Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2001;39:656-663.