LGC - Local Granger Causality (and Information Storage)

Toolbox for the computation of local Information Dynamics
(Granger causality, Information Storage)
from bivariate time series

Granger causality (GC) is a statistical notion of causal influence based on prediction via linear vector
autoregression. For Gaussian variables it is equivalent to transfer entropy, an information-theoretic measure of time-directed information transfer between jointly dependent processes. We exploit such equivalence and calculate exactly the local Granger causality, i.e., the profile of the information transferred from the driver to the target process at each discrete time point; in this frame, GC is the average of its local version. The same rationale is exploited to calculate the local self-fredictability of a process, which is the linear counterpart of the local Information Storage. Our approach offers a robust and computationally fast method to follow the information transfer along the time history of linear stochastic processes, as well as of nonlinear complex systems studied in the Gaussian approximation.


DOWNLOAD: Zip file with all scripts and functions: LGC.zip

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[1] S Stramaglia, T Scagliarini, Y Antonacci, L Faes, 'Local Granger Causality', Physical Review E Letters, 2021; 103: L020102