fdPID - frequency domain Partial Information Decomposition

Matlab Tool for the spectral decomposition of
interaction information, redundancy and synergy

While cross-spectral and information-theoretic approaches are widely used for the multivariate analysis of physiological time series, their combined utilization is far less developed in the literature.
This toolbox realizes a framework for the spectral decomposition of multivariate information measures, which provides frequency-specific quantifications of the information shared between a target and two source time series and of its expansion into amounts related to how the sources contribute to the target dynamics with unique, redundant and synergistic information.

The framework is illustrated in simulations of linearly interacting stochastic processes, showing how it allows to retrieve amounts of information shared by the processes within specific frequency bands which are otherwise not detectable by time-domain information measures, as well as coupling features which are not detectable by spectral measures.

Its application is also illustrated on exemplary time series of heart period, systolic and diastolic arterial pressure and respiration variability measured in healthy subjects monitored at rest and during postural stress.


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L Faes, R Pernice, G Mijatovic, Y Antonacci, J Krohova, M Javorka, A Porta, 'Information decomposition in the frequency domain: a new framework to study cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory oscillations' submitted, 2020; BioRxiv preprint: 10.1101/2020.10.14.338939

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