ITS - Matlab Tool for the computation of Information Dynamics

This general toolbox collects the research developed by our group in the last few years in the context of Information Dynamics, implements the practical estimation of several information-theoretic quantities (Self Entropy, Transfer Entropy in its different formulations, measures of Information Modification) according to a variety of entropy estimators (linear parametric estimator and model-free estimators based on binning, kernels, or nearest neighbors).


The ITS Matlab tool will become the basic applicative reference for the book "Information Theory for Time Series Analysis", currently under drafting, and is based on several papers:

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Support: Presentation of the Toolbox:  ITS_Toolbox.pdf

DOWNLOAD:  Zip file with all scripts and functions: ITS code v2.1 (zip)


                     stress data for the scripts Example_BrainBodyStress:

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