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Information Dynamics and Physiological Networks on the News

  • The Annual Review 2015-2016 of the Institute of Physics (IOP), a special collection of the most significant activity of the institute in biomedical sciences (IOP Biosciences Portfolio, including more than 20 journals), has dedicated a Research News brief on the special issue on ESGCO 2016 (Physiological Measurement 2015, Eds. A Porta, G Nollo, L Faes) with mention of the paper “Linear and nonlinear brain-brain and brain-heart interactions during sleep” (L. Faes et al, Phys. Meas 2015), as well as a Research brief on the focus issue on Network Physiology (New Journal of Physics 2014, ed. P. Ch. Ivanov) with mention of the paper “information dynamics of brain-heart physiological networks during sleep” (L. Faes et al., New J Phys 2014). The Portfolio is available here.

Last updated Mar 2, 2015