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Papers submitted for journal publication:

  • G Mijatovic, Y Antonacci, T Loncar-Turukalo, L Minati and L Faes, 'An information-theoretic framework to measure the dynamic interaction between neural spike trains', submitted to IEEE Trans Biomed Eng., 2020; arXiv preprint: 2012.08667
  • D Nuzzi, S Stramaglia, M Javorka, D Marinazzo, A Porta, L Faes, 'Extending the spectral decomposition of Granger causality to include instantaneous influences: application to the control mechanisms of heart rate variability' submitted to Phil. Trans. Royal Soc. A, Special Issue "Advanced Computation in Cardiovascular Physiology: New Challenges and Opportunities", 2020
  • R Pernice, L Sparacino, G Nollo, L Faes, 'Comparison of frequency domain measures based on spectral decomposition for spontaneous baroreflex sensitivity assessment after acute myocardial infarction', submitted to Biomed Sig Proc Control, 2020
  • A Ghouse, L Faes, G Valenza, 'Inferring causal strength and leading drivers of bidirectionally coupled dynamical systems using Gaussian processes priors', submitted to Phys Rev E, 2020