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  • A Porta, F Gelpi, V Bari, B Cairo, B De Maria, D Tonon, G Rossato, L Faes, 'Concomitant assessment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular controls via Geweke spectral causality as a tool to assess the propensity to postural syncope', submitted to Scientific Reports, 2022
  • C Barą, A Zaccaro, Y Antonacci, M Dalla Riva, A Busacca, F Ferri, L Faes, R Pernice, 'Local and global measures of information storage for the assessment of heartbeat-evoked cortical responses', submitted to Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, 2022
  • L Sparacino, Y Antonacci, C Barą, A Valenti, A Porta, L Faes, 'A method to assess Granger causality, isolation and autonomy in the time and frequency domains: theory and application to cerebrovascular variability', submitted to IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng., 2022
  • M Paoli, Y Antonacci, L Faes, A Haase, ' Network plasticity in the honey bee antennal lobe during odor presentation', submitted to Front. Cell. Neurosci., 2022
  • J Cernanova Krohova, B Czippelova, Z Turianikova, R Pernice, A Busacca, L Faes, M Javorka, 'Input for baroreflex analysis: which blood pressure signal should be used?', submitted to J. Physiol. Pharmacol., 2022
  • S Valenti, G Volpes, R Pernice, A Parisi, D Peri, J Lee, L Faes, A Busacca, ' A wearable multisensor ring-shaped probe for the assessment of physiological stress and oxygen saturation through galvanic skin response and photoplethysmography ', submitted to Biosensors, 2022